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Círculo Empresarial EIBUR, S.L. is the first centre in Castilla y León that fulfils the ISO9000/2008 regulation in all its processes. Since 2015 it also complies with FQM standards.

Since 2009 it is a member of the Network of Accredited Centres of Instituto Cervantes. This certification is an added value to the project of EIBUR Español to commit ourselves to teach Spanish and Spanish and Latin American Culture both in Spain and abroad.

EIBUR premises are located at number 12C – 14 San Pablo Street (09002 – Burgos).

The Accreditation by the Cervantes Institute of Spain has conveyed improvements in the quality of the organization’s performance. Students’ satisfaction is our priority, therefore we pay special attention to the services we can offer them. Our objectives are continuous performance, improvement and innovation.



  1. Qualified expert teachers
  2. A Curricular Plan which complies with the European regulation and the Instituto Cervantes’ Curricular Plan
  3. Personalised attention to the student
  4. New technologies in the classroom
  5. Flexible programmes adapted to students’ needs and interest.
  6. Welcoming atmosphere and intercultural sensibility
  7. Free access to Internet (Wifi zone)

Our classrooms are equipped with whiteboards, projectors and comfortable furniture.

The resting area has  drink and food dispenser machines.

The study area has books of reference, audio-visual and free wifi- area.

Our teachers are specialised in Spanish as a foreign language and have wide teaching experience.

You will receive personalised attention and constant support in your learning process.

Most of our students come from China, but we also receive students from France, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, South Korea and some northern African countries.



EIBUR offers you an attractive variety of activities that you can do after class to best suit your likes and interests.

We organise outdoor activities such as excursions to places of interest, hiking,  paint-ball, visits to other cities, weekends at the seaside, etc.

You can also take up any of our cultural activities: seminars, lectures, gastronomic routes, concerts, visits to museums and art galleries, pilgrimage to Santiago, etc. If you enjoy group activities, we offer you dance lessons, guided outings to the city, dinners, barbecues, as well as language practice exchange and sports.

Make your mind up! Come and make friends while you learn Spanish!

Music performances: music is a relevant aspect of every country’s culture. With our musical outings you will enjoy the different types of Spanish music as well as the local varieties in Castilla and León, the latest pop trends, etc.

Spanish and Latin dances: we encourage our students to understand our culture and musical roots through dance. In a relaxed way they can learn how to dance the different Spanish rhythms (salsa, flamenco, “sevillanas”, tango, etc.).

Evening outings: join our guides and they will bring you closer to the pleasant atmosphere of Burgos, its lifestyle, nightlife and culture. They will take you to enjoy different cultural activities, to the theatre, cinema, etc.

Tapas: going out for a few ‘tapas’ is a funny way of bringing our students closer to the local cuisine of Burgos. You will also learn how to make a Spanish omelette, garlic soup, “sangria”, etc.

Initiation to the world of wine.
Spain is one of the oldest and most important wine producing countries in the world. The variety and quality of its wines are well-known.

Our purpose at EIBUR is that our students find out about the viniculture in Spain, acquire its specific vocabulary and taste our excellent wines in the wineries where they are produced. This is a practical interactive activity meant for those who are interested in knowing the world of wine more deeply.

Initiation to the Spanish olive oil culture.

We offer our students the unique experience of visiting our precious olive groves and mills in Andalusia, tasting our Extra Virgin Olive Oil cuisine. A wise blend of tradition and modernity in exclusively-designed menus that you will savour with relish during a three-day memorable excursion.

Sports: You will be able to practice sports in any of the several sport centres of the city (swimming, aerobics, athletics, footbal, tennis, paddle, gymnastics, squash, etc.).

At EIBUR, we believe that studying in the native country and using a language in its natural environment incalculably increases the quality and speed of learning.

We can assure you will enjoy yourself and get a more accurate idea of Spain’s reality, its people and their socializing habits.

Our outings and excursions are not included in the price of the courses. We all make a “fondo” (kitty), which is a typical Spanish custom.

All our activities are meant for young adults and those who keep young in spirit.



C/ San Pablo 14 - 12C 09002 Burgos (Spain) Tel. (+34) 947 278 047 Fax. (+34) 947 203 504 Movil. (+34) 608 264 282 spanish@eibur.com